Wedding Abroad

What can be better than having a wedding celebration in sunny Greece or beautiful and amazing Italy?

Together with our long-term partners abroad we organize weddings celebrations on the turnkey basis in ancient mansions of Greece and Italy.


- Private Island of Countess Kavatstsa is absolutely perfect for being the venue of wedding celebrations and other events. (Photo.)

The villa richly decorated with architectural details is surrounded by beautiful parks with slender cypresses and magnolias, acacias, lemon trees and rare flowers. For more than a hundred years the island is owned by the family of Countess Kavatstsa and serves as their residence; the members of this family carefully cherish the traditions and history of the island.

- A magical and mysterious island Garda with stunning intact nature areas, terraces and an Italian garden, coming down the slope to the water, with exotic plants, where one can enjoy the chant of birds, is an ideal place for holding wedding celebrations.

A magnificent palazzo in Venetian Gothic style, built in the early 20th century by the architect Luigi Rovelli adds the special charm to the island. (Photo.)

Villa Borghese. Thanks to the love and care of their owners, Villa Borghese gives a fantastic opportunity to live out your dream about real beauty, and make the main day of the beginning of your family life one of the most exciting and memorable festivities!

The Venetian balcony of the villa, decorated with vaulted ceilings, unique frescoes and majestic columns, gives the guests of the wedding celebration an opportunity to enjoy the sight of the bride and groom against the breathtaking view of the lake. (Photo.)

Every corner of the island can become a memorable backdrop for a wedding celebration. The luxurious park surrounding the villa, flower beds with rare species of plants, lawns in the Italian Renaissance style, gorgeous garden houses, cypress avenues, unusual flowers and unique species of trees from around the world are the pride of the owners and give delight to the guests of the festivity.

Villa Mosconi Bertani is an ideal venue for weddings, banquets, ceremonial events and gastronomic tastings, themed dinners and business lunches.

Magnificent halls of the villa, among which "Hall of the Muses" decorated with frescoes of the eighteenth century stands out, are ready to accommodate up to 250 guests.

The park of the Villa is a unique backdrop for holding any event; it offers its guests an opportunity to enjoy the intact nature of this fabulous place, picturesque vineyards and ancient Roman springs Praele and Monte Riondo that fill the park lake.


This country fascinates and jollifies you with a fantastic cocktail of hot sun, clear sea, inimitable Hellenic temperament and Mediterranean cuisine, the most delicious in the world. It conquers you and you fall in love with it forever.

Our company will be glad to organize and hold an unforgettable wedding celebration for you in this wonderful country that will be infused with sunny mood, Mediterranean flavors, fun and joy.

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