On this page the course of the game "King of the Hill" is shown in details by the moves.
At the end of the description of the game general recommendations and description of the most interesting and representative situations occurred in the course of the games are presented.

Every move is called a “Figure”. The description of the “Figure” consists of a textual description and picture. The picture in its turn is divided into a graphical part (the playing area and visualization of the position of the teams) and tables showing the position of the teams and the previous move of the teams.

Figure 0. Before the beginning of the game
The teams have not begun the game yet, and therefore, are not on the playing area.
It should be noted that the first move of any team is a so-called “ordinary move”. According to the rules the teams are not allowed to make a “jump move” when being on the start position.

Фигура 0. Перед игрой.


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