Partnership with INCOGNITO Club

Here you can find the list of our partners, which have been cooperating with the Club. Have a look, it is interesting!

Here are — the terms and conditions, under which you can become our partner, as w ell as the rules of furnishing the information on a company are presented
Partners list Partnership Terms

Our events are aimed at people of all kinds. They are for those who come to us with different purposes – to relax, have fun, to assert themselves...

To make our guests and participants of the events feel comfortable and interested, all our events are held at fantastic well-known locations (in truly luxurious traditional restaurants, museums, palace complexes, etc.). Organization of our event requires serious efforts and very responsible approach.

No doubt, we would not be able to cope with this, but for the invaluable help of our partners. Our partners are the companies that assist us in organizing and holding our events; they provide technical aid, design and advertising, and, of course, present promotional gifts, expensive prizes and amusing souvenirs to our guests and participants of the events.

In this section, we are proud to present a list of our partners, and explain how to become one of the companies mentioned in this reputable list.

Besides, here you can find all sorts of technical issues, following which will greatly simplify cooperation.

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