The origin of this game is shrouded in mystery.

By one of the versions it was invented by Moscow students in the days of the USSR; according to the other version – by American intellectuals during Prohibition. There are the third and the fourth versions of its origin as well and, probably, one can find the hundredth one too.

There exist different versions of the game, different rules, conditions and levels, but one thing remains unchangeable – the highest level of intellectual and psychological intensity, characteristic of such games, which are united by the common name of “Mafia”.

“Mafia” is considered to be a card game, but you can equally call it a role-playing game, as the cards are used here only to designate the role of the player, and it should be done inconspicuously, so that other players do not notice it. It is the fact that the players do not know each other’s roles, that makes the game so complicated and dynamic; and finding out the roles of the players is the gameplay essence.

In short, the essence of the game is as follows:

1. At the table there are 9 players (sometimes - more) seated, three of which are representing Mafia, the game mechanics being such that it allows the players, representing Mafia, to get to know very soon who belongs to Mafia.

2. Three other players – positive roles. These are: Sheriff (in some versions – Agent), Police Commissaire (Investigation Officer) and Doctor.

3. The remaining three players – the so-called Honest Players.

4. The task of honest players (and players of positive roles) is to find out who belongs to Mafia and to kill all members of Mafia and not to die themselves.

5. The game is strictly limited by time and the presenter of the game is closely monitoring the implementation of time limits and other rules.

6. It is impossible to predict the outcome of the game rounds - even when very experienced players represent Mafia, and newcomers, who are seated at the game table for the first time play, represent citizens.

However, we can speak about the game for hours on end.

The best thing to do is to come and play!

From time to time the Club holds big events especially dedicated to the game. We always make special announcements about the time and venue.

Please take note: The participation of the game is on a paying basis, but the fee is not expensive. Separate admission fee is not provided.

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