Wedding Celebrations

Wedding is perhaps the most important romantic event in our lives. Therefore, we do not just offer a set of wedding services, but we create a truly unique event that reflects the character and frame of mind of each pair.

Development of an individually designed show program, detailed study of all stylistic and organizational aspects – from the first lines of the concept to the final words of the show master - are the main tasks in creating a wedding event !

We can offer you a variety of thematic solutions for your festivity:

• Royal style wedding in palace interiors;
• Marine style wedding in white pavilions on the shore of the Gulf of Finland, with a boat trip;
• Wedding in "Breakfast at Tiffany» style;
• Futuristic wedding in "Alice in Wonderland” style;
• Wedding abroad.

Or maybe you want to have your wedding organized on a desert island?

And it is also possible! Basing on your preferences, expectations and possibilities we together with you will choose such a theme, such a venue for the celebration and will prepare such a scenario of the ceremony, that they will ideally suit you!

Our experience in conducting wedding events will make your celebration a memorable one, filled with joy and bright impressions!

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