Are you planning to celebrate your birthday or anniversary? Do you want to make this day an unforgettable one? The team of "INCORPORATED" Agency will be happy to organize and hold this wonderful celebration for you. You will not have to worry about anything! We will provide for everything at the highest level!


During the preparation of any event, we pay special attention to the development of the concept, creation of the individually designed script and show-program.


We believe that success of any event depends on the careful work with all the details - from working out the concept of the event and developing handmade individually designed invitations, venue decoration and floral compositions, to the last words of the host!


For organizing and holding birthday parties we have a large selection of standard programs, but in accordance with your desire, we can also develop a customized script and show program. The choice of the concept of the event depends on you!


This can be a birthday in palace interiors or a birthday in marine style with a boat trip in the Gulf of Finland; we can also offer themed birthday parties – a dance party, humorous style party, theater style party, interactive party, or it can be a celebration developed in any other style.


Or maybe it will be interesting for you to play together with your friends an intellectual and entertainment game? We can offer you the choice of the following games: "Mafia", "Crocodile", "King of the Hill", "Resistance", as well as all sorts of quests and role playing games.

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