Organization of Corporate Events

The team of INCORPORATED Agencyexercises a very thorough approach to the organization of corporate events; wecarefully study thecompany of our customer,its orientation and area of activities,develop the concept and style of the event, the script of show,and work upall the organizationalstagesto the smallest detail.

We organize and conduct:

Offsitecorporate eventson the landscape;
Corporate eventsin different styles;
Themed events;
Events dedicatedcalendar holidays(NewYear, February 23,
March 8);
Master classes;
Team building;
• Teamintellectual games"Mafia", "King of the Hill", "Playing with Master";
• Themedrole-playing games androle-playing business games.
And muchmore!

A teamof reliable partners formed during manyyears of cooperation helps usin thesuccessful implementation of theseprojects: booking-agencies, restaurants, banquetareas,music groups, theater and moviestars, variety performers, showmen, decorators, stylists, designers, photographers, and many others, who helpus to turnany event intoan unforgettable festivity that will satisfythe most demandingguestsandparticipants!

Events calender