Children’s Matinees

Children's parties organized by "INCORPORATED” Event Agency include not only birthdays, calendar holidays and farewell parties; they also include matinees for little ones!

When organizing and holding children's parties one should keep in mind that from a psychological point of view, any event with a large number of participants can be quite a challenge for a child.

Our team pays special attention to the peculiarities of a child’s psychology, and taking into consideration the specific behavior features of children’s audience, we create joyful events, where all the participants feel comfortable! We do this in cooperation with professional psychologists and the team of experts in the field of organizing events for children – actors of children's theaters, circus, professional presenters, musicians, entertainers, decorators and photographers!

Matinee is a good opportunity to reveal traits of a child's character, his (her) talents and potential! Role-playing games are difficult for little ones, but they will gladly demonstrate their talents - read a poem, sing and dance - a real "Star Factory"!

Contests, circle dances and action games form an essential part of children's parties and they give joy, fun and a wonderful festive mood to all the participants of the event!

With due regard to the age of your children the team of "INCORPORATED” Agency will develop the concept of the matinee, its theme and duration, prepare the individual scenario and show- program, and will invite fantastic artists that will give your kids a memorable and fabulously wonderful festivity!

We offer the following programs:

• "Bubble Show";
• "Circus";
• "Clowns";
• "Magician";
• "Star Factory";
• "Alice in Wonderland";
• "Pirates of the Caribbean";
• "New Year";
• and a host of other things.

Making parties for children is both, a great responsibility and great fun! And the best reward for us is happy smiles on children's faces!

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