Children's Master Classes

We know what to do so that everychild couldtake part in a master class, learn newinteresting techniques, create somethingwith his (her) own hands, getpleasure from the process and obtain confidence inhis (her) abilities.

We offer the followingmaster classes:

  • "ClayModeling "(for childrenfrom 3 years);
  • «Candles with their own Hands" (for children from 5 years);
  • «Learning to Draw" (for children from 3 years);
  • «Culinary Skills"(for children from6 years);
  • «Dance Class" (for children from 3 years);
  • «Painting on Fabric" (for children from 6 years);
  • «Glass Painting" (for children from 5 years);
  • «Soap Making" (for children from 5 years);
  • «Musical Evening" (for children from 3 years);
  • «Young Florist" (for children from 5 years).

As well asmany othereducational and entertaining programs

These classesprovide an opportunity for a more complete realization of the creativeabilities of a child,development of his (her)skills,bringing out his (her) potential. And all this -inan easy and relaxedatmosphere!

We cooperate withthe best artists, sculptors, designers, musicians, dancers, choreographers andmasters of the restaurant business of the city, who act as teachers and trainers.All of ourteachers haveteaching experience andexpertise in working with children!


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