Successful experience obtained by INCOGNITO Club in organizing and holding events of different thematic scope and styles, suggested the creation of a new direction in its activities - exclusive corporate events. The responsibility for the implementation of this task within the activities of INCOGNITO Club rests with "INCORPORATED” Event Agency.

INCOGNITO Club is proud to offer you the organization and execution of the following events:

• Presentations and advertising campaigns,
• Corporate anniversaries and other celebrations,
• Evenings and concerts,
• Master classes, seminars, training sessions,
• Parties for children of any age,
• Weddings and other family celebrations, birthdays.

We are also pleased to offer corporate intellectual games played under the exclusive rules developed by the Club!

The main distinguishing feature of the events conducted by INCOGNITO Club is their uniqueness, perfect style and amazing atmosphere of celebration and creativity, reigning all the events organized by the Club.

Each scenario developed by the Club is a truly unique exclusive product! Any event by INCOGNITO Club - is a unique experience, unforgettable impressions and great mood!

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