About the Club


Every person understands this notion in his or her own way. For some people going to bars and restaurants on Fridays is just enough. Others find themselves in extreme sports, equally as expensive as dangerous. Some people need only peace and quiet and a good book. However, there are also those who cannot imagine a good leisure without a friendly and interesting company but at the same time would like to have intellectual entertainments. These are intellectuals, and the highest pleasure for them is an opportunity to demonstrate their erudition and ability to think logically.

History of the Club

The Club was established in 2009. The founder and longtime Chairman of the Club is Ms. Ann Magracheva.

In just a few years of its activities the Club, within its framework and under its aegis held dozens of different but always interesting and truly intellectual events.

Among them are numerous series of intellectual games, including:

  • Club version of the popular game "What? Where? When?",
  • Intellectual and psychological game "Mafia,
  • "Heroes of our Time" ,
  • “Bluff Club",
  • Various business games.

In addition, in the season of 2013 the Club launched a new series — an exclusive intellectual game "King of the Hill", specially worked out for the Club.

Mission of the Club

The task of the Club is to create a special, comfortable and friendly environment of intellectual leisure and entertainment for intelligent and educated people.

The goal of the Club is the development of intellectual games and, consequently, the increase of intellectual standards of contemporary society.

Activities of the Club

The main activities of the Club, which gained love and popularity among both, its permanent members and chance comers, are intellectual and entertainment events for audiences of various ages.

The events organized by INCOGNITO Club always enjoy success, attract a large number of guests and have wide and positive press coverage.

Besides, the Club is actively involved in affiliate programs, acting as a co-organizer or information partner at very different high-level events.

In addition to public events, the Club also develops and holds by-invitation (private and corporate) events of various levels of complexity and dedicated to various themes.

The Club is not only a playground; it’s also a venue for business meetings.

During the events of INCOGNITO Club the most different meetings can take place, which can bring a profitable order, help to strike up an interesting acquaintance or start up a new business.

The Club is also a means of social mobility. The acquaintances made during the events of the Club often prove to be useful for developing one’s career and business.

Every participant or guest of the Club’s events finds something of his (her) own in them, something very special. It is only the operational principles of the Club that remain unvaried.

Principles of the Club

  1. There are no little things! (A little leak will sink a great ship.)
  2. Thoroughness is not ineffective. Responsible approach to the organization of events allows the Club to keep the bar high for many years.
  3. In our Club there are members, not clients. Each permanent member of the Club is an important contributor to everything that happens at the Club’s venues and in the intervals between the events.

Personalities of the Club

Among constant guests and participants of the Club’s events one can see representatives of business establishment in St. Petersburg and Moscow, government agencies, cultural professionals, representatives of show business, sports and art world, successful and active young people of both capitals.

The events of the Club are always moderated by show-men well known in our city and in the country, and among the members of the Juries of intellectual games one can always see renowned professional erudites of the country.

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