Organization of Corporate Events

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Nothing unites the staff better than corporate events, festivities and parties!

The team of INCORPORATED Agency exercises a very thorough approach to the organization of corporate events; we carefully study the company of our customer, its orientation and area of activities, develop the concept and style of the event, the script of show, and work up all the organizational stages to the smallest detail.

We organize and conduct:

Offsite corporate events on the landscape;
• Corporate events in different styles;
• Themed events;
• Events dedicated calendar holidays (New Year, February 23,
March 8);
• Master classes;
• Team building;
• Team intellectual games "Mafia", "King of the Hill", "Playing with Master";
• Themed role-playing games and role-playing business games.
• And much more!

A team of reliable partners formed during many years of cooperation helps us in the successful implementation of these projects: booking-agencies, restaurants, banquet areas, music groups, theater and movie stars, variety performers, showmen, decorators, stylists, designers, photographers, and many others, who help us to turn any event into an unforgettable festivity that will satisfy the most demanding guests and participants!

Team building

Calendar holidays

Farewell parties

Business-training sessions


Role playing business games

"Crocodile” game

"Playing with Master” game

Wine, cigar parties

Dancing parties

"Black Square” game

"Resistance” game

Проведенные мероприятия

Юбилей Галины

Дата события: 29 Декабря 2019

Количество участников 25
Частный праздник с игрой в Мафию и Брэйн-рингом

Мафия для класса гимназистов

Дата события: 27 Декабря 2019

Количество участников 30
Детские игры в мафию - особый драйв! Юные умы, проницательные, смелые и откровенные ✨ Пусть у детей будет интеллектуальный Новогодний праздник.
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Организация качественного, полноценного мероприятия требует не только желания и опыта, но и широкого спектра возможностей. Ниже представлен перечень возможностей Клуба как организатора мероприятий.

Площадки, банкетные залы
Площадки, банкетные залы
Фото, видео
Фото, видео

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10 April
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