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Ms Ann Magracheva, Director of the Club
«  INCOGNITO- это Клуб нового формата. Клуб, построенный на интеллектуальных принципах, ориентированный на умных и образованных людей ! Клуб создает комфортную дружественную среду для общения и отдыха! Добро пожаловать в Клуб!  »

Анна Маграчева, Председатель Клуба

Лучший игрок игр "Мафия"

10 Августа 2016

Аскеров Александр

Рейтинг победителей

С Днем рождения!

27 Сентября
Корабельщикова Валентина


Интеллектуальный вопрос дня


Аркадий Пекаревский
основатель компании Sela
Опыт участия в Царе горы показал, что команда Клуба - настоящие профессионалы, организаторы с хорошим вкусом, умеющие сделать отдых комфортным, интересным и полезным. Общение и знакомства с новыми люд... читать далее
Michael Tatarnikov
Chief Conductor of Mikhailovsky Theatre
"I've been playing for two years already but it was during the last three games that the backbone of our team got formed. It includes Vlad Radimov, Polina Raudson and Dmitry Melnikov. Tanya Bulanova j... читать далее
Alexei Blinov
Player of TV show "What? Where? When?”, double winner of "Crystal Owl"
"It all began when I was invited to one of the games as a guest. It was then that I felt this aura for the first time and was pleasantly surprised by the number of stars, VIPs and business leaders at ... читать далее
Nikolai Valuev
Professional boxer, deputy of the State Duma
For example, the need to think quickly and make decisions affecting the outcome of your actions. And here the result is seen almost instantly! Thanks to this, intellectual games have their own drive w... читать далее
Yuri Shitin
Director of the aerodynamic complex”FlyStation”
"My profession is to make people happy. The free fall is not just a physical but also an intellectual hobby. In some aspects the flights in a vertical wind tunnel are like a game. INCOGNITO Club also ... читать далее
The singer
"During the game one has a feeling that it’s really an earnest business, and you actually fear of not finding the right answer. I graduated from the university a long time ago, and it was not often th... читать далее
Maxim Kastyrin
President of Nikolai Valuev’s Charity Foundation for the Development of Youth Sports
"We participated in the projects of INCOGNITO Club two times. We are very glad that we got acquainted with its members; the Club generates interesting and extraordinary ideas. Since our Foundation is ... читать далее
Sergei Prokhorov
Showman, TV presenter
"Enjoy life!" "I welcome the activities of INCOGNITO Club. Everything is always very well organized both in St. Petersburg and abroad. My best wishes to the Club. Keep it up! " читать далее
Maxim Efimov
CEO of the publishing house "Kommersant"
"We can rest and work equally well." "INCOGNITO Club helps us to have fun, rest, meet new people and communicate with one another." читать далее
Elena Canter
The singer
"It’s great that there appeared a company that brings together people from different areas of activities, gives you the opportunity to meet interesting people, socialize and play, because in our lives... читать далее
Anna Ljubivaya
Manager of the restaurant department of "Exposervice" company
"To find benefits in everything!" "I am very glad that in our city there appeared a Club where you can meet many interesting and outstanding people. I am a big fan and a regular participant of the g... читать далее
Dmitry Melnikov
Managing director of Solo Sokos Hotel Vasilievsky
"Never look back!" "It's great that our city has such Club. At the moment, no one knows better than the girls how to organize this kind of leisure: how to combine intellectual contest, entertainment... читать далее
Veronica Rakitina
Chief editor of “Lis Channel” video channel
"I think that the girls are just great, they organize fantastic events. For example, a journey to Thasos was really a special event. In the very beginning of the trip no one knew anybody, but by the e... читать далее
Elena Chegotova
Legal adviser for the State Construction Supervision and Expertise Service of St. Petersburg
"Life is but a game! It is impossible to keep everything under constant control. Therefore it is better to play." "It is great that the Cub unites so many different people. Where else one can see N... читать далее
Ivan Sumin
CEO of the architectural and construction company "ArgoST"
"We are for an intellectual approach to one’s work." "For me INCOGNITO means meeting new interesting people and a great mood any time I attend the events of the Club." читать далее

Events calender
1 October
Регата пройдет с 1 по 8 октября в Греции по самым красивым островам - Родос, Сими, Тилос и Халки. Регата для всех желающих, независимо от парусного опыта!

1 October 2016

Юбилейная XX регата "Русская Парусная неделя Volvo"

Регата пройдет с 1 по 8 октября в Греции по самым красивым островам - Родос, Сими, Тилос и Халки. Регата для всех желающих, независимо от парусного опыта!
5 October 2016

Мафия по средам

Как провести вечер среды? - За мафией
6 October 2016

Крупнейшее нетворкинг-мероприятие осени "Нетворкинг Северной Столицы"

Мероприятие состоит из двух блоков - квест "Нетворкинг" и доклады в формате "BuStUp"
13 October 2016

Мастер-класс "100 способов привлечения клиентов" от Александра Левитаса

Программа мастер-класса охватывает полный комплекс инструментов партизанского маркетинга, которые подходят как малобютжетным рекламным кампаниям, так и рекламным кампаниям крупнейших организаций
28 October 2016

Active World Business Forum "Личная и корпоративная эффективность в эпоху перемен"

10 звездных спикеров из 5 стран мира осветят различные аспекты развития собственной эффективности и продуктивности
20 July 2016

Мафия с Андреем Карповым

20 июля на Мафии будут гости!
14 June 2016

Победители "Вопроса дня"

22 May 2016

Победитель рубрики "Вопрос дня"

29 April 2016

День рождения с Мафией

Клуб INCOGNITO организовал день рождение за игрой в Мафию